Cell Phones While Driving Persuasive Speech

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How many times have you heard someone tell you not to call or text when you drive? How many times did you or did you not listen? Nowadays, this simple, convenient device, known as a cell phone, is being used all the time. However, one may fail to realize that they are deciding between life and death at the moment they pick up their cell phone to say, “I’m almost there.” Whether it is to text someone or change the song playing via Bluetooth from your cell phone, it should be illegal when driving. Now, the question one may ask is of course, “Why?” If you take a look at facts such as accident rates you will see they are relatively high and you may consider exceptions and while there are some they do not outweigh other pieces of evidence such as death rates.…show more content…
Many stories are told about being in such a terrible event claiming to have sustained hearing loss, permanent scaring, plastic surgery and more. Stories like the one of Ms. Liz Marks who was in an accident and sustained blindness to one eye trouble hearing, trouble with her sense of smell and she is no longer able to create tears or fall asleep without medication. (Columbia Broadcasting System Website Staff) Her story is a true example of the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. While one is regularly warned not to answer their phone they still do it even with knowledge of the possible consequences. It has been proven that texting, calling, dialing or even just reaching for your phone while driving increases your chances of getting into an accident by three times. (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute 2009) As for near-crash statistics, thirty six percent of teenagers say that they have been in a near-crash accident caused by distracted driving. (Pew Research Center
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