Are Cell Phones Harmful Or Dangerous Essay

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A girl driving on a very icy day gets into a car crash. She calls for help instantly because she sees that people in the other car are hurt. If there was not immediate help or contact to her cell phone the situation would have had no hope. Some people believe that cell phones are dangerous and harmful because they put people in dangerous situations like car accidents or people see them as negatively affecting the human body. However, no scientific evidence has been proven to show that cell phones have had a negative effect to the human body. Cell phones have been proven to be a great resource. Therefore, cell phones are not dangerous because they help to keep in touch with family members and friends, they help to connect to business resources,…show more content…
Many “Mobile device users around the world use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends and share their views on popular culture, religion, and politics. However, mobile devices also help users engage in other types of interpersonal transactions” (Henneberg). People that use mobile devices use them for communication. It is a easier way to do this for families that are not always together or in the same location. It helps to share ideas and contact family members and friends. This example explains how facebook connects family and friends by using cell phones and mobile devices. Therefore, many parents state, “Giving their children cell phones is one of the most important safety measures parents can take, advocates say. ‘I honestly believe that we live in a time now where it’s important to have access for whatever reason,’ says Cindy O'Neill Vitale, a parent with two young sons living in the New York City area” (“Cellular Telephones”). This explains how children having cell phones help to contact and keep in touch with their parents. It is important for people to have access to communication with family members and friends whenever, wherever. It is especially important for safety reasons like contacting in case of

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