Essay On How Cell Phones Hurt Relationships

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Cell Phones are Hurting Relationships RELATIONSHIPS Cell phones are a major issue in today’s society; they create tension in personal relationships, they lead to people being unaware of their surroundings, and schools can’t find an appropriate set of rules for cell phone use. Many relationships are affected by the use and addiction of cell phones. “Phubbing” (phone + snubbing) happens to over 45% of people in relationships of all categories: when they are out to dinner with their significant other, hanging out with friends, or simply speaking to others in general. Cynthia Allen states in her article Cellphones can hurt relationships that “Individuals are increasingly choosing to interact with others in the virtual world instead of the physical one” (Allen, 1). This quote proves that people are becoming addicted to using their cell phone and are aware of this situation however, choose to ignore it. I personally, as I think many others, feel “phubbed” on many many occasions by friends, family, coworkers, and so on. One may attempt to make conversation or ask them a question, yet they are too immersed within their phone to even hear a word the other is saying. Not only are relationships affected negatively by cell phone use, but emotional health as well,…show more content…
As stated by Michael Bugeja in his article Cellphones and Real-World Communication that “Cellphones sound during worship, wakes, births, graduations, hearings, trails, and accreditation meetings -interrupting life” (Bugeja, 2). We have become so used to getting interrupted by ringing, or notification sounds, that we barely even notice them anymore. Having our phones with us consistently allows us to access instant information on literally everything at our fingertips, however, this also causes disconnection to the real world. If one is busy Googling information on their phone, they will tend to ignore those around
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