Cell Phones In School

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Many kids have had to secretly use their your phones in class to look up things, text their parents and they always get their phones taken away. Many students want to be able to use their phones in school freely. There is seventy five percent out of hundred people the say kids should be able to use their phone in school. Kids should be allowed to use their cellphones in school because there could be emergencies, educational reasons, and it could be used for concentration device.
The first and most important reason is that you should be able to use your phones for emergencies. For example like form kwikboost.com, “If a student forgot his homework or calculator on the day of a calculus test, he could call his parents and ask them to bring it to school without causing a scene. In more serious emergencies, like a school threat or shooting, cell phones could help students connect with worried parents.” This quote shows that kids need to use their phones to call their parents or for their parent to call them just in case there is an emergency. They could also call their parent to bring them if they forgot anything they need to be successful in schoThe second reason is that it could be used for educational reasons. For example from write about.com, “A phone can be used for many educational things like research, projects, calculators, and even putting in important dates when a homework assignment or a project is due.” This quote shows that you could be able to use your phone to
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