Cell Phones Relationships Or Friendship

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Do cell phones really control relationships or friendship? Sometimes people as a couple has problems getting off with their phones at times. Some adult’s even children allow the cell phones to talk over because, the phones have their attention at all time. Once you look at your phone you will forget all about your spouse. Even when being out with some friends your phone takes over the friendship. Sometimes the phone is people friend or spouse because that’s all people depends on. They depend on a text or a call even a message on Facebook. I wish people would understand that their phone does not have to endure in their hand every second. Periodically adults and children need to give their phone a break because it can mess up fun time with, also it can make your spouse feel some type of way, and make your child feel like their parent has no time for them.…show more content…
When having dinner no one should even be thinking about their phone. Having dinner with family could be the most important thing to you. Being round your family should make you feel happy. If you are eating at least try to have a nice or funny conversation. To forget about your phone turn it off or on silent while eating. No one phone should make any noises while eating. Make your friend seem like they are more important than your phone. When you realize that your friend is more worried than their friendship. Then you will not have anyone, but your phone as a friendship because you always want to stay on the phone instead of having fun with your friend. It is nothing like having a funny moment with your

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