Essay On Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In School

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There have been many discussions lately about allowing students to use their mobile phones during class hours. People who argue that the use of cell phones inside classes will make students more responsible and get used to technologies, especially with the increase of modern day electronic devices. They also believe it is important for students to have their phones with them wherever they go, so they can call someone and get some help when needed. However, I think that mobile phones should be banned from every classroom, for it distracts, encourages bad behavior, and facilitate cheating.

One main reason for this argument is that cell phones distract students during lessons. Obviously, it is hard to focus on the lecture when doing two tasks at the same time. For instance, students who are
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Unfortunately, this will cause them to lose the ability to focus in class. In addition, several students were caught listening to music while the teacher was explaining an important exercise. This action made the students do badly in the test, since they did not listen to their teacher’s lecture. Sadly, if phones keep distracting pupils inside the class, there will be more terrible grade than ever.

Another important reason why mobile phones of all kinds should be banned in classrooms is that they encourage bad behavior. Mobile phones are being used heavily in these days with bulling actions. For example, there are several incidents where a student takes a photograph of a classmate without their permission. Later, that picture is spread around the school, making that classmate depressed. In many cases, this is a form of bulling that relies on fundamentally on the use of mobile phones in classes, when the teacher is teaching and not looking. Another unacceptable behavior that is caused by mobile phones in classes is spreading rumors. Rumors are

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