Cell Phones Should Be Banned In Schools

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Many schools across the nation have banned cellphone usage during school hours unless given permission by a teacher or staff member. Many adults and school supervisors would agree and support this rule but what about the students? Shouldn’t they be able to voice their opinion as well? Sure, not every teenager owns a cellular device, but what about those whom do? Though teachers and administrators believe the cell phone to be a major distraction to teens during school, the use of this device should be permitted during facility hours with the exception of making phone calls and inappropriate web browsing under the supervision of an adult. Phones may remain on vibrate or silent so that they are not a distraction to the environment. This device should also be allowed in school because it is convenient for emergencies. It is good for studying or useful applications and is easy to lug around. There are some good explanations as to why hand held devices should not be permitted in school but there are several reasons arguing that making this change can satisfy and make learning for high school students a more enjoyable experience.
To begin with, one of the main reasons why cell phones should be permitted in school is in case of an emergency. Of course a supervisor or teacher would contend that this is not so much of a good enough argument but it can be proved that if students were able to carry their hand held devices in school, getting in contact for help would be easier. To
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