Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School Essay

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“Cell phones in class are dangerous, disruptive and not necessary” ~Survey Respondant As most people that are around a school in any way probably know that students and even some teacher, believe that students should be allowed to have their phones in class. Well if look at a lot of the reasons this might not be what benefits the student the most, and student getting the most out of their time in school is important. Also almost parents and teacher want their student to be the best they can be in school, also being prepared for the real world.Most of teachers and parents didn’t ever even think of needing their phones if they even had on in class. Although some students and teachers think that cellphones should be allowed in class, they should not be. They should not be allowed because, without phones students grades have improved, it reduces cyber bullying, and students have been using …show more content…

On a site called in an article titled US Teens use Smart Phones for Cheating:Study. It says, “Cheating tactics include storing notes on mobile telephones for reference during exams and exchanging text messages about answers while taking tests., Approximately 65 percent of all teens surveyed said they had heard or seen other students using mobile telephones to cheat at school., ...36 percent of students said that plagiarizing from the Internet for school assignments was not a serious offense, and a fifth of teens polled did not consider it cheating.” If 65% of students that had been surveyed have heard of or seen people cheating using their cellphones, that is over half of them, thats a lot of students. Student need to be learning the material in class not just sit there and do nothing because, they know they can find it all on the internet. 36% of them didn’t know or just didn’t think of taking the answers of the internet as

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