Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In The Classroom Research

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Phones Can’t Learn so Why Learn With Them?
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Should cell phones really be allowed in class? Society is becoming more independent on cell phones and the technology that they come with. There is an overwhelming amount of people wanting to bring them into classrooms saying they can be used as tools for learning.Despite the fact that cell phones can be used for school work, by comparison they should not be allowed in class, because they are a distraction for students and staff, test scores and grades are higher where cell phones are prohibited, in addition teachers can’t reach the kids face to face.

Of course a structured reason why phones should not be allowed in the classroom is that they are a distraction to the students and staff. Whether the child is on instagram, snapchat, twitter or many of the other online apps kids use to communicate with friends, they distract from learning. Teachers cannot compete with that weird video that their friend is showing them. For example Becky Dieffenbach 's thinks that, having phones in the classroom “just becomes a source of distraction for some students, because no matter how many times you repeat the rule that they can only be on technology when the teacher says it’s ok, they choose to ignore the rule and then disciplinary actions have to be enforced.”(Kiema). In short, this shows that teachers are fed up with phones even if they can be used for learning. As Connie
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