Cell Phones: The Dangers Of Driving And Driving

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Have you ever wondered what you would do without your cell phone? The feeling of instant gratification when we check our social media and see the hundreds of positive responses or likes received from a vacation picture posted. We can send or receive a text message and insert those funny emoji’s we all like. We can check our emails and do so many other things with this handheld device. We are a society that has become so accustomed to having our cell phones with us at all times, and do not realize the dangers presented to ourselves and others around us. Especially while driving and manipulating a cell phone. We are not aware of the dangers we create for ourselves, passengers and other drivers. We all have experienced what it is like to be behind a driver who is texting on their cell phone. You are driving in heavy, trying to get to or from your destination. The driver in front of you appears to be swerving all over the place. They swerve onto the median and then into the next lane. The flow of traffic is steady but the driver constantly brakes when unnecessary. You suddenly have the opportunity to accelerate and pass the driver, only to see them on their cell phone texting or surfing. The behavior the driver displayed was the same behavior as an intoxicated driver. In 2006, Researchers at the University of Utah were able to use a driving simulator to show how severe and dangerous texting and driver can be. They compared and studied 49 adult participants, all

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