Cell Phones While Driving Vs Distracted Driving

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Using a cell phone while driving is dangerous. This is why some states have made it illegal to drive while using a handheld cell phone. This makes the roads much safer as it takes a potential distraction away from the driver, this leads to less car crashes, and safer roads By taking this potential distraction away from a driver you allow that person to focus more on what they are supposed to be doing which is driving. In doing so the driver is better able to react in potentially hazardous situations. Also in a car having a real person to talk to can be distracting but while you are on a cell phone you have to hold onto the phone, and the steering wheel. You also have to be focus on the the road and cars ahead of you while trying to pay attention to the person on the phone call.…show more content…
Car accidents are the number one killer of teenagers in America and most of these deaths are caused by either texting while driving or in a phone call while driving. In making it illegal to operate a cell phone while driving in an attempt to decreased the number of accidents, because driving while distracted can be just as dangerous if not more dangerous than driving drunk. All across Fair Fax County Virginia you can find crossed placed on street corners where people have died due to car accidents caused by distracted driving and the main cause of distracted driving is operating a cell phone while driving. So in an attempt to cut down on these tragic accidents Virginia made it illegal to drive while operating a cell
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