Cellular Respiration Lab Report

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Cell Respiration Lab Research Question What is the optimal temperature for germinating pea-seeds where the rate of respiration is the greatest? Background Information Cell Respiration refers to the biochemical process conducted by the cells of an organism that combines glucose and oxygen to produce energy in the form of ATP, along with two by-products, water and carbon dioxide. The equation representing this chemical reaction is shown below. C6H12O6 + 6 O2 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + ATP Although plants and animals have different methods of obtaining glucose, the cell respiration process occurs in both types of organisms. Many external factors in the environment may affect the organism's’ rate of respiration such as the temperature of the surrounding,…show more content…
As the temperature exceeds this value, the rate of respiration will gradually decrease, reaching zero at a certain point. The optimal temperature for germinating pea seed is 20ºC because it is the average temperature of the Spring season in China, where it was first discovered. The trend for the rate of respiration is represented by the graph shown. During the cell respiration process, multiple enzymes are involved, therefore, the rate of reaction will be highest at a certain temperature, and will gradually decrease as the temperature gets further away from that particular…show more content…
As mentioned in the hypothesis, the prediction is that as the temperature increases towards the optimal, the rate of respiration will increase. As the temperature exceeds the optimal, the rate of respiration will decrease. The temperature of the environment can be varied by placing the respiration chamber under a temperature-controlled water bath/cooling bath. The temperatures that will be used in this experiment will range from 0ºC to 50ºC in 10ºC increments. Digital thermometer will be used to measure the temperature of air. Dependent Variable Rate of Respiration (Rate of which CO2 is produced in ppm/s) The rate of respiration of the germinating seeds can be represented by the rate of which CO2 is produced. The rate of respiration is expected to be affected by the change in temperature of the environment. As mentioned in the hypothesis, the change in the respiration rate is most likely to be due to the involvement of enzymes in the process. The rate of respiration of the germinating seeds can be measured by using the CO2 Gas Sensor. When connected to the data-collection interface, accurate rate of CO2 produced can be monitored. Controlled Variable Number of seeds Size of seeds Specie of
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