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Identify the different methods to transfer materials from the extra-cellular to the intra-cellular medium.

One important fact is extracellular fluid contain a large amount of sodium and chloride ions but only a small amount of potassium whereas for intracellular fluids it is the opposite. iIt should also be noted that intracellular fluid contains a higher concentration of phosphates and proteins compared to extracellular fluid.
Transport through the cell membrane occurs by one of two basic processes
Active Transport

Diffusion basically means random molecular movement of substances molecule by molecule through intermolecular spaces in the membrane or with the assistance by combination with a carrier protein.
Active transport means the movement of ions or other substances
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Primary Active Transport
The energy is directly derived from the breakdown of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) or some other high-energy phosphate compound.
Substances that are transported by thus type of transport are sodium, potassium , calcium, hydrogen, chloride and many more.
One main mechanism that uses primary active transport is the sodium-potassium pump.
This transport process pumps sodium ions outward through the cell membrane of all cells ad at the same time pumps potassium ions from the outside to the inside This pump is responsible for maintaining the sodium-potassium concentration differences across the cell membrane as well as establishing a negative electrical voltage inside the cell.

Secondary Active Transport
The energy is derived secondarily from energy that has been stored in the form of ionic concentration differences of secondary molecular or ionic substances between two sides of a cell medium, originally created by primary active

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