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On November 16th, 2015 at 7:30 PM in Williams Hall, I attended the cello concert performed by Sophie Shao. This performance included the Seven Variations on the theme “Bei Mannern, welche Liebe fuhlen,” from Mozart’s Opera, “The Magic Flute,” by Ludwig Van Beethoven; Sonate in D Minor by Claude Debussy; Five Pieces in Folk Style op.102 by Robert Schumann; and Violin Sonata op.78 (transcribed to a cello sonata by Paul Klengel) by Johannes Brahms. Sophie Shao began playing the cello at age six and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Yale College and a master of music degree from the Yale School of Music. Her accompanist was Milana Strezeva, a Moldovan-American pianist who began playing piano at the age of 11. The amount…show more content…
I thought the teamwork between them was very well displayed. I saw how Sophie Shao would take a quick breath loud enough for the pianist to hear, but not outstandingly noticeable or obnoxious that the audience would notice and be bothered by. This was to let her accompanist know that she would start the piece and that they could start playing at the same time without saying anything or looking at each other. Teamwork is always important in orchestras, quartets, and even between a soloist and accompanist. Sophie Shao and Milana Strezeva displayed this well in their performance. Sophie Shao’s cello performance and Milana Strezeva’s piano performance was definitely beautiful and enjoyable to my ears. I have attended multiple orchestral concerts and piano recitals, but Sophie Shao definitely had the most emotion and enthusiasm in her playing. I could tell by the way she spoke of each of the pieces and how she described the composers that she was very knowledgeable in the field of music and how much passion she had towards both music and the cello. I enjoyed the performance to the fullest extent and I hope to see hear her play again
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