Cellphones In Classrooms

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Summarization of Articles

Article 1 - (Title of Article) Benefits of cell phones in classroom(Cell phones in the classroom: preservice teachers' perceptions.)

Summarize (at least 5 sentences)
What are the benefits of cellphones in classrooms?The benefits of cellphones in classrooms are many different things.First the benefits are that they can help you inside classrooms for education.they can help you with problems you need to solve quick.They can help you with any other things that can take a long time to solve it quick.

“Specific Text Evidence to use in article” (include page number/paragraph) The electronics help and lots of ways to help in many ways.They can make things so much faster.

“Specific Text Evidence
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"Cell Phones in the Classroom: Preservice Teachers' Perceptions." Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education 30.1 (2013): 11. Educator's Reference Complete. Web. 1 Dec. 2016.)
“Specific Text Evidence to use in article” (include page number/paragraph) Over the past two decades technology has been here to the point that it could help in daily life. Technology has made learning more easier and a little bit more quicker than less more faster.

Article 2 - (Title of Article).Benefits of cellphones in classrooms(Standing in the schoolhouse door: teacher perceptions of mobile phones in the classroom.)

Summarize (at least 5 sentences)
The cause and effect is that the cause is that people have lots of technology and the effects are that people can use technology in lots of ways like for learning and for education.Another effect is that mobile phones have been shown to people and lots of people have used
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One of the benefits of cellphones in the classroom is that it could be a good thing to have cellphones and electronics/technology in classrooms.The reason why is because they can help with educational purposes and other school things. A second benifit is that it can help you withyour daily life and things that youcant solve qickly.Technology can help you with that because its more faster and way more quckier to do than having to solve lots of things.it can help you with many things you have problems on. A thirid benifit is that even thogh cellphones can be a good thing cellphones can also be a very bad thing because one of the things it can do is, be disturbing.It can also be something that can get you distacted and you can pay less attension. A the last benifit could be that textig in classrooms can result as a bad thing because you would be paying more attention in class than listening to the teachers teach you,But even if you where there you would not be listening as
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