Cellular Respiration Experiment

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Exercise Intensity on Cellular Respiration measured through Heart Rate and CO2 Production

Background Research
Cellular Respiration: C6H12O6 + 6O2 >>> 6H2O + 6CO2 + 36 ATP When examining the effects of exercise on cellular respiration, we can assess three main bodily functions: carbon dioxide production, heart rate and breathing rate, all telling us of an increase in cellular respiration. We can only directly measure the CO2 output that is a direct result of cellular respiration, we can use all of these fields of measurement to show that exercise uses more or less energy than rest, answering the question. Cellular respiration takes one glucose or sugar (C6H12O6), and six oxygen (6O2) to produce 36 ATP, essentially units of energy and release
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If a person exercising is working harder, by performing an exercise like running or sprinting, their heart rate and CO2 production will be higher, measured by higher BPM and lower time taken to turn the BTB yellow, than a person who is sitting or walking, because muscles need more energy to perform the more strenuous tasks, and the higher heart rate and CO2 production will indicate a higher cellular respiration rate.
Experimental Design
IV: Exercise. Sitting, walking, running, and sprinting up the stairs will be an increasing amount of work for the person’s body, showing a trend toward harder work
DV: CO2 measured by BTB, HR measured in BPM, both will show increase in intensity and cellular respiration.
Control: Sitting person will provide a baseline against exercise
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This in addition to our current data would help draw more concrete conclusions. Additionally, our BTB CO2 data had many outliers and may have been affected by the intensity at which the exerciser blew, with a difference of 11 seconds for exerciser A’s sitting BTB tests, this data could be improved, possibly by introduce a standard blow rate, with a flow regulator. I observed that by simply blowing harder, the times went down. In addition, a more standard color change should be introduced. We would also benefit from collecting more data from several other exercisers, as half the test group showed an increase in blow time for sprinting, that could be substantiated into something with more

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