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I am working as a GP in a polyclinic situated in Jubail,KSA.Most of the patients attending here have a place with low financial status. I am discussing a case of cellulitis which fits the course of module and an incessant conference when all is said in done practice. I picked this case since cellulitis , as I would see it, shows a few difficulties as far as differential diagnosis and fitting treatment. My point in doing this contextual case study would be to basically assess my management of cellulitis and draw some learning focuses. The case is of cellulitis of the legs, which is the one we see all the more much of the time in primary care.

DK,a 34 years old male presented to me for the first time with one week history of rapidly growing erythema on his right lower leg.It was painful with minimal swelling. His primary presenting symptoms were fever and malaise, and was taking Paracetamol 500mg twice daily, following consultation with a local camp physician 3 days ago, with negligible effect. He reported the same episode nearly two years back which resolved completely after treatment with anti-biotics(A/B). Apart from this there was no significant medical history. He was a smoker and used alcohol occasionally. He works as a supervisor in a local company which involved outdoor activities the most of the time. He was supervising a critical project and was stressed as he was not able to attend his work for the past 3
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My patient had a strong risk factor of previous episode,which was not modifiable. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask for chronic edema ,as this is also a vital risk factor.The clinical picture semed to fit most closely with that of a cellulitis.Generally, the cases of cellulitis are not as straight forward as this case was. Aforementioned differential diagnoses should be excluded cautiously. The most common misdiagnoses include the

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