Celtic Tribes In The Roman Empire

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During the first century of the Christian Era , when Prophet Isa (upon him peace) was born and preaching, the inhabitants of Great Britain were the Celtic tribes. These tribes were later conquered by the Romans and the Celtic tribes adopted their culture. After 400 years the Romans were driven out by Germanic tribes who came from northern europe and who christianized the Celtic tribes. By this time Prophet Isa’s (upon him peace) era had passed and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had arrived and was preaching.

The Isles of Britannia, which is known today as Great Britain, was inhabited by indigenous people known as the Celtic tribes. The main four tribes were the Britons, Welsh, Picts, and Scots. They were ethno linguistic meaning they all had the same ethnic background and spoke the same language or dialect. Being small and weak, the Celtic tribes were soon colonized by the Romans, the ruling empire at the time, during the years 43-410 CE. Because the Romans were a very influential nation, they Celtic tribes soon adopted their ways.

The Roman empire was the highest and most advanced civilization during the first four centuries of the Christian Era. They had discipline and obedience resulting in them possessing a very strong army. They spoke the Lingua Franca or common language of the world at that time which was Latin. The Romans colonized Britania in the year 43 CE and remained there until 410 CE until they were pushed out by a group of people whom they
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