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Censorship: In more conservative societies, censorship is a lot more common. Anything seemingly unconventional or provocative is blocked out. I appreciate censorship in a sense that my eyes don’t have to see anything I don’t want to them to, and my ears won’t have to listen to something I don’t want to them to. Censorship is good when it comes to terrorist ideas, insults, and pornography (for lack of a better term.) It is not always harmful, but sometimes unnecessary. Censoring fiction, fantasy, and dystopian books is mandatory in some places such as Harry Potter series, which I love. Censorship is good when it’s reasonable, but harmful when it bans popular products/ideas. Depression Recently, the stigma on mental illnesses that they are…show more content…
But a certain country, very close to ours, doesn’t give people of other sects the tiniest bit of freedom. Too much restriction can lead to outbursts and rebellion. Government control, to a certain extent, is needed to keep everyone organized and in line. Informants The fact that the access of confidential information is relatively easy nowadays, informants are not going anywhere. Finding top-secret information, whether it is political or personal is something anyone with hacking skills can do. However, in the book Mildred wasn’t all that intelligent but that did not stop her from telling on her husband and his books. Sedition has always been around, and technology can aid in finding information to use against others. Informants are not always that bad as they can report information that may help prevent damage and impairment. Revolution Revolutions play a big role in our history, and it has for a very long time. The band of book memorizers are a kind of revolutionary group, but much more discreet and safe. Revolutions aiding a good cause, and revolutions that are not done at the expense of others are favorable. Revolutions that are malicious and chaotic and are supporting a bad cause are unacceptable, in my

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