Censorship Essay On Lord Of The Flies

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Censorship of Books Today, many books are often challenged or banned in the education system. Books often get banned for a variety of reasons such as vulgar language, sexual references, racism, etc. Lord of the Flies by William Golding is often banned by school systems for various reasons. The banning of books keeps certain ages of people from reading content too mature for their age, but it also limits the teaching material of educators. Often, novels, such as Lord of the Flies, are banned from schools unrightfully as they have a very meaningful theme that adolescents should learn. In the world today, anyone of any age can find any information they want to see on the internet. Kids as young as three years old know how to use the internet,…show more content…
Although, not all books and novels belong in the school environment, the great, historic novels such as, Lord of the Flies by William Golding that are banned frequently should not be censored by school officials, board members, etc. Most of the novels that appear on ALA’s banned book list are historic novels with very deep, emotional themes behind them that students should learn to read and recognize. No one in today’s world is living in a fairy land, and historic novels with offensive content with good meanings should be taught to kids. Lord of the Flies has been banned by districts across the country mainly because of the excessive violence and lack of morality of the boys. Although there is a lot of offensive violence in the novel, the main outline of the story is that all men possess the capability of evil doing. When reading a novel such as Lord of the Flies, the reader has to look past all the violence, and realize why it is happening. The boys condemned to such violence acts because of the extreme situation that they were put in. Golding is trying to make readers realize that most people have the same lack of morality if put into certain

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