Censorship In 1984

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What if you could change the world with just one action, would you do it ? Taking in and out certain factors in one’s daily lives could change everyone’s perception of the world around us. However, realistically alone one cannot make such a big impact to create this big of a change but collectively we can change our society with time. In George Orwell’s novel 1984, individuals come to realize that change can only come when everyone questions the world they live in. This is displayed in the world through the significance of language and communication, warfare and censorship in America. Therefore, to maintain a honest and peaceful society we must question ourselves and the world’s choices. America is known as “the home of the brave” and “land…show more content…
For instance, the use of censorship in public and media can be displayed a positive factors. Censorship is use to avoid corruption of younger generation and censoring anti-government contents can provide stability to the society. Certain topics can be exposed to young minds before they 're even old enough to understand. While the mass media can stir the emotion of the public about topics harder to comprehend. People believe the government purpose for this is to avoid losing the support of the people due to untrue or exaggerated accusations made by the anti-government groups without censorship are creates questions. In my opinion, censorship is everywhere hiding everywhere in the world of the government. If its a free country why are they keeping us from reality we are Americans we can handle this. Censorship in the media isn 't necessary anymore because whether it be a swear word or naked body, not much is left to the imagination. We choices to hide this things from young mind instead of having them find out and ask questions they find out from the wrong people and wrong time. I believe this was the downfall in this world of 1984, individuals were like to question and just accept whatever Big Brother told them and sometimes that just isn’t good enough like Winston. As a result, we must open our eyes and minds to possibilities and new ideas so we can better ourselves for

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