Censorship In A Dystopian Society

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Introduction Are you an everyday internet user? If so I strongly suggest carefully reading and examining this topic. The internet is a vast place. It is a very useful tool, as it has become the primary source of our knowledge. Unfortunately with usefulness can easily come abuse. Plenty of illegal operations occur over the internet. Considering that there are many protocols and encryption methods that not even our government can crack, most of it goes unnoticed. How do we solve this issue? How can we reduce the crime? One particular and controversial method is becoming more and more prevalent the more computers and networks become advanced. This method is internet censorship. The well known Merriam-Webster dictionary describes censorship as, “the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts.”(Gove. 1961). It is hard to say whether or not it should or should not be implemented. Many people argue the effects will lead into a dystopian society. Here I will discuss the effects it could really have on America. Lit-review When thinking…show more content…
I was a bit brought down because I didn’t get my interview. Fortunately I was still able to do a survey and get the perfect amount of results. I feel like my paper is very powerful. I tried to improve my word choice and language so that I wouldn’t get a lower grade like we discussed. Also in general I am just really exited for this topic. Being a computer science major I think that the internet and censorship is such an interesting topic. As of right not I think that the strength of my paper lies in the information given. I really think that what I said and how I said it was presented very well. I think that another strength is in the transitioning of the paragraphs. A weakness would have to be the APA format. I have taken this fraction of the paper to many people and they all critiqued my formatting. So if I had to point out a weakness that would
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