Censorship In Brave New World Argumentative Essay

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Censorship is defined as the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts. There are benefits to this practice, but also negative backlashes. We see censorship not only in the world today, but it comes as a topic in many movies and books, such as Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley.
Censorships appeals to some people because they believe it has many benefits, which to some, overweighs the negatives. The fact that things such as extreme violence, and even sex is censored from television and to an extent, in some movies appeal to those who are weak in the stomach, and most of all to parents. Parents will readily accept censorship in the media to protect their children from seeing or hearing unwanted material. This is evident in Brave New World, where books, movies, and even ways of life from before “civilization” are eliminated in society, and kept away from school children. In Brave New World, the children are encouraged to openly be sexual, as it is not a taboo concept; yet they are still nudged away from things like violence and love, since that has been eliminated in their world.
There are positive effects of censorships. By keeping a close eye that the material that goes in to children shows and movies is age appropriate
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For example, in our society, “it goes against the First Amendment that states that as Americans we have freedom of speech and freedom of press.”[Word Press] If the government were to implement censorship to our speech, as they do in Brave New World, (Mother, Father, etc out of vocabulary), it would be a violation of the amendments to the constitution which protect us from things like that happening. This would result in protests and chaos all around the nation. In democracies such as ours it has been shown that censorship is accepted only up to a certain extent, but to the extremes that they implement in Brave New World, would not be
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