Censorship In David Levithan's Two Boys Kissing

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Our daily choices; Do they really affect the way our lives perform? Something we may not think about often while loafing around at the house sunrise-to-sunset, is how much our reactions and responses connect to how your day goes. Essentially, this closely relates to the banning and censorship we see in bookstores and libraries perpetually. I, personally, assuredly believe that the actions of sensitive parents who worry about the content their children read, affects the education and facts that they are learning from literature. A person 's decision impacts others in an utmost way, because they provoke us to behave and act in specific ways, especially when it comes to cautious content in books and the censorship of them.
To illustrate this idea and relate it to a recent event, popular “meme” page admins on a prominent social media website, Facebook, have been boycotting the site due to the sites active use of censorship, according to an article written by Sage Lazzaro from The Observer. The admins and
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One of these books that libraries reject due to the movement of parents watchful of explicit content, is titled Two Boys Kissing, written by David Levithan. The story’s plot displays two teenage ex-boyfriends trying to set the Guinness-World Record for the longest kissing session, whilst sorting out their affections for each other. The entire story continues to be portrayed by a Greek Chorus of a generation of gay men who had lost their battle to AIDS, which is an interesting element. The two teenage boys, Harry and Craig, attempt to break this world record for several reasons involving the LGBT community. They want to act as a reflection for young boys who identify as gay. Breaking stereotypes and awful assumptions of homosexuality is another main intention for Harry and Craig. The Los Angeles Times calls Two Boys Kissing “Open, frank and ultimately
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