Censorship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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“Writers want to talk about creation, and censorship is anti-creation” (The New Yorker). Censorship is defined as the prohibition of a book or a film because of obscene, violent, racist or any other offensive content. Censorship is a threat for many reasons, because it gives authors constraints and limits that they have to respect in order to avoid getting banned. The problem is that society does not appreciate the hidden meaning or reality of these books. For example, Of Mice and Men is a book written by John Steinbeck which is banned because of racial slurs and violence, a normal behavior during the Great Depression, the time when the book takes place. This book is an example of modernism and people have to be open minded to get it and accept the way it is written, just like with any other censored or banned book. Books should not be censored because of their content. People have to respect writers’ diverse works because it is…show more content…
People do not value the rights of writers and readers, they do not appreciate the meaning, or even art, of these books, showing their ignorance and lack of openness. Of Mice and Men is labeled as racist and violent because some readers do not get the fact that the author wanted to be realistic about the time of the book, which is around the years of the Great Depression, when men used an unacceptable language. Another aspect that is not accepted is the treatment of women, who were mistreated or disrespected by men during those times, Lennie and George were not the exception. The behavior of the characters and racial slurs are not right, but they should be considered normal around those times and keeping in mind that the Steinbeck is following the rules of modernism. Readers have they right to complain, but one question has to be answered before banning these kind of works, why did the author decide to write the book like that? Readers should analyze the whole environment before taking a decision or having an
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