Censorship In Music

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Censorship is the form of blocking entertainment for people of all ages. Adults and authority figures like to ban/censor books, music, and TV because they do not like what is being shown. The most common form of censorship is music. The music that the artist puts out there may have cuss words and sexual references. People do not want young ears to hear that type of music so the radio stations bleep the songs. People think that if teens or young kids listen to that type of music they will imitate the behavior portrayed in the lyics. Censorship on music is unnecessary because not all teens participate inappropriate behaviors suggested by music. There is a need for warning labels on music for people who do not want to listen to inappropriate songs or…show more content…
The artists have been producing “bad music” for years. In the 1960 's, life was all about riots and standing up for what people believed in. People 's views of music changed dramatically during that era. The article “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” tells people how music sends out different messages than what the government wants people to think like. “The Stones, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and other artists gave rock music a political voice that delivered anti-establishment messages in high fidelity” (“Sex”). Rock and roll became one of the most popular genres of music to listen to. At one point in time, Rock and Roll was more popular than Jesus Christ! The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) never really got the the rock and roll off the air waves. People became very mad when they tried to talk it away. The FCC got so many lawsuits they were forced to stay away. In the 1920’s, jazz stirred youngbloods and provoked racial behavior, but jazz became one of the most popular genres to listen to by both races. Most of the network station did not like jazz band so, they banned the song form being played because of controversial sexual and drug talk in the
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