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Sponsorship in football helps the market? These days, there are many people in the world who are interested in football especially in European countries. Therefore, many big companies started to look the football market (Epl-England, Bundesliga-Germany, La Liga-Spain, Serie A-Italy, Ligue 1-France) carefully to sponsor and make profit. Of course, there are some opinions that these movements are positive for football market because sponsoring football team can make teams stronger and improve their qualities in the games. However, there are also some arguments that these movements can be negative because sponsoring can make poor teams poorer, rich teams richer. To improve the overall league quality, sponsorships in football can take poisonous roles for some teams.
(Arshad, Sameer. “All 20 Premier League Clubs Shirt Sponsorship)
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Like Ottogi and LG which is sponsoring Manchester United and Leverkusen. Manchester United is a team which Park Ji Sung who was the icon of the Korean football had played in. Also, Son Heung Min, who is a rising star, is playing for Leverkusen.
Let’s see Ottogi case. “The famous Manchester United crest and club imagery will be displayed on Ottogi's products across South Korea.” (Manchester United have launched a sponsorship with South Korean food company Ottogi, 2014, p. 1)
Also, let’s look at LG case. “Michael Schade, the newly appointed Managing Director of Bayer Leverkusen, gifted a shirt signed by all club members, while LG’s Executive Vice President, Ki Wan Kim, gifted a brand new LG G2.” (BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN STAMPS LG ONTO ITS CHEST, 2013, P.1)
“Sponsor System is too commercialized. It has many advantages, but there are more disadvantages. This system leads unfairness in football market. There should be some alternative ways to improve sponsor system.” (see Appendice

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