Censorship Pros And Cons

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To burning of books in Germany and to the restrictions of news on the internet there are many forms of censorship in the world. Censorship is an unjustifiable thing for people to live through. The countries that do have censorship do not give out the full information that is needed for the people of the country, their citizens stay ignorant to the truth of what is going on in society. When groups of people stay ignorant of what is going on in the world there is no room for improvement of learning. One will stay uneducated of their government and may not see that it’s corrupt. Without censorship people are allowed to think freely and share opinions that may influence the way one might think. Censorship should not be allowed in any society.
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Although this may seem like a good argument it unreasonable to think people will condom violent behaviors from just seeing about it in the news. "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear" - George Orwell, this quote is very important because even if do not want to hear about violence, they should have the right to see what is going on. People in society do not look up to criminals in anyway, criminals in the news are usually seen as monsters who don’t have a heart. Without being exposed to violence many people will go blind to abusive relationships because they think it’s normal. People who have violent thoughts won’t be able to get the help they need because the person does not know that it is wrong. With censorship you may allow people to not get offended, but who will teach them that the world isn’t always as nice as it seems. People need to learn about events and violence to further advance this society and to take control of the violence before it happens. Not allowing certain news to be spread in a society is never the answer and will allow history to repeat itself.
Censorship is an undesirable idea that should not be placed in society. Censorship does not allow free speech to take place and it leaves the people of that society ignorant. Censorship
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