Centennial Elementary School Observation

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Observation- On Tuesday12, 2016 the students were given a writing assignment about what they wanted to do during summer vacations. The assignment was given to first graders at Centennial Elementary School. The time was at five o 'clock and the lesson consisted of the teacher and eight students; five girls and four boys. The lesson started by the teacher sitting with the students on a long table and asking the students what would they like to do during the upcoming summer vacations. Some students were confused and the teacher explained that in summer they get a long break from school and then return and enter a higher grade than they are are today. The students got excited to have learned that and started sharing what they wanted to do. The teacher listened and looked genuinely interested on what the students…show more content…
Moreover, it opens the students to their own interests and wanting to share their ideas. I really like how the teacher introduced the genre and how she explain what summer vacation was to give her student a better understanding about what they needed to write about. However, what I have done different is to ask first if the students knew what was summer vacations. Moreover, after she explained what was summer vacation I would of liked to seen the teacher’s example of what she plans to do in form of writing. If she did that, then the students will take her story as a type of mentor text to help them with spelling and ideas. Moreover, she would of set more specifically how she wanted the writing assignment because some students wrote sentences that looked like they were formulated and others wrote it like a paragraph form. I personally, liked the paragraph form because it showed the students ideas more developed and their writing skills. Finally, I like how the writing assignment ended with a drawing and
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