Center-Periphery Relations

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REACTİON PAPER OF ŞERİF MARDİN’S ARTICLE In the article “Center-Periphery Relations: A Key to Turkish Politics?” Şerif Mardin was examined the center-periphery relations in Turkish history from beginning of Ottoman Empire to 1960 military intervention. To react Şerif Mardin’s article, firstly we should understand what he meant by using the terms of center and periphery and what is the connection between them. Center and periphery terms was firstly used by Edward Shils to understand state and society relations. He used those terms to examine how state’s center spreads their values to periphery and state’s center represents the common values, believes and rolls of other groups in society. Şerif Mardin took those terms into Turkish history…show more content…
In this period, empire was going to lost its power because new ideas came from French Revolution and tried to make new reforms. Mardin stated that “kameralizm” was the most important endeavour in that time. Kameralists supported the smooth middle class for powerful state. To success that , they thought state should support improvement of education and commerce , state had to make reforms in public institutions. Symbolic cleavages in classical period had replaced with central cleavages in this period. The reason that cause deeper changing between center-periphery relationship was firstly to change on mentality of bureaucracy. Endeavours of simplifying language , promoting gazettes , westernize education system were the main causes of this changing on bureaucrats. Powering bureaucracy was second stage of changing. Facilitate to get important positions in state for professional bureaucrats was main reason. Tanzimat Edict was also another reason because of extending the field of bureaucracy. Third stage was cultural disconnection between center and periphery. Cultural differences between center and periphery in classical period was gone be deeper in modernization period. Last stage is weakness of ulama class. In this period, ulama class was losing power when bureaucracy was getting power even ulama had important power of center in classical period. This power of bureaucracy was gone be effective even in settling period of Republic of Turkey. Their mentality constructed a new central

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