Central Government Vs Federal Government Essay

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The government of the United States (U.S.) has a largely balanced position between the federal and state governments. Through the U.S. Constitution and multiple years, the states and the central government are required to have an equal amount of power. Both the states and central government have certain powers and responsibilities that control and affect the other version. Within the central government, it was created to serve, protect, and provide services for the state and people of the U.S. Limited within the articles of the Constitution and implied powers, there are certain rights it gives to the states. Within protecting the rights of the people, the national government must provide a “republican form of government,” without being specific to its promises. Also, it must…show more content…
Constitution. Other than rights, the states also have the ability to ask for multiple types of funds from the central government. Many reserved rights provides the ability for states to function on their own to make individual laws on economical, political, and welfare-based statuses. The states also have different ways to earn federal aid and economical benefits from the central government. Revenue sharing would provide money from income made by the central government through taxes and revenues. Once the state or local government receive the aid monies, there are certain limitations that are put on the spending abilities. Categorical grants are used by a specific reason and can be use for the one thing, but block grants can be used by states for multiple reasons within a variety of freedoms on how to spend. In conclusion, the U.S. government has a delicate balance between the central and state governments’ powers. The powers both in the Constitution and what is implied, have led to a near balance in today’s

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