Central Michigan University Student Analysis

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During this semester at Central Michigan University, I can defiantly say that this semester has probably been my best semester here at CMU. Also the reason why I said this is because of my academics, my social life, and connection I had made during this semester. My first year was a struggle for me, not taking the initiative to seek help or go to SI session. While evaluating, over the summer, I knew I must work hard in order to stay at Central Michigan University and also to graduate on time. This semester, I feel like I am ending on the right note. There was some class where I had a hard time learning some of the material and performing well on the exams. But I seek help and eventually help me out in the long run. This semester I took 6 classes. One…show more content…
My cumulative GPA last year was a 1.85. I never receive a GPA lower than a 3.0. By having this low grade point average change my life. I felt so sick to my stomach. I would never thought in my life that I would receive such horrible grades. I receive probation last year and I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I knew if I didn’t put my best foot forward then I would be leaving CMU. So this semester I had to actually study and stay up long hours of the night making sure that everything that went across my professor desk was A work. Some obstacles that hinder me to giving my fullest potential towards my academic career were my social life. As the beginning of the paper I told you that this semester I started to go out more but when I dedicated my time towards my academics, there was always somebody in my ear saying come to this party with me or Come over don 't study come hangout with me. While listening to this every single weekend, there was times where I decide to go out and hangout. Looking back I knew that was probably a bad idea but at the time it seems a way to relax my mind / taking a break from doing homework or
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