Central New Mexico Community College: A Reflection Paper

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The mission of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) is “to create educational opportunities and community partnerships while pursuing a level of community college excellence that is worthy of local and national recognition” (Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), n.d.). In addition to the mission, the institution recognizes the following values: caring, civility, excellence, hope, integrity, and leadership. CNM’s vision is “changing lives, building community” (Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), n.d.). These are the standards utilized by all members of the CNM community. The overall goal of this semester’s internship is to work in collaboration with the Associate VP of Student Services and other members of CNM to implement the Google website translation tool on the entire CNM website based on the results from the first internship survey. Throughout this paper, it will be important to reflect on survey conducted during the first internship, as the results from the survey drove the overall goal of this semester’s internship.
Criterion I Student Services and
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Our assessment of the survey identified 66% of the ESL/ESOL students who would prefer to have information presented to them in their native language. Since we have many different native languages spoken at CNM, the Google translation tool is one-step closer to being able to offer our information in a broader format. The implementation shows how departmental goals address and push the goals of the institution. The department needs to the overall mission tie back to the degree of change identified by Levy and Merry, 1996, who stated, “First-order change is often associated with theoretical perspective called organizational development. Second-order change is transformational change; the underlying values or mission, culture, functioning processes, and structure of the organization change (As cited by Kezar, 2001,
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