Central Park Five Analysis

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Central park five The Central park five were 4 black men and 1 man of hispanic decent. The attack they were tried for happened on April 19, 1989 it was for the assault, rape, and sodomy of Trisha Meili. Trisha Meili was in coma for 12 days and suffered severe hypothermia, severe brain damage, She lost 75-80% of her blood from the five stab wounds and gashes on her thy. Meili was a 28 year old investment banker at the time of the attack. The 5 men arrested for the attack spent between 6 and 12 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. This event could have influenced Harper Lee because in the book it is a white lawyer defending a black man for rape charges and the same kind of thing happened in real life with the central park five.

The five men who were tried in court sued the city of New York in 2003 for malicious prosecution, racial discrimination, and emotional distress. The case was settled in 2014 for $41 million. Later in 2014 the 5 men are trying to get another $52 million from the state of New York.
In 2002 New York issued a panel of 3 lawyers to review the case. The three lawyers they got were Michael F. Armstrong, Jules Martin, a New York University Vice President, and Stephen Hammerman. The 3 issued a 43 page report. The report claimed that
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The case in To kill a mockingbird is told from a child 's eyes so it could be altered a little bit. The central park five could of affected how Harper lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird by from what she saw in real life to what she put in fiction. Harper lee wrote about what racism and stereotypes look like from a child 's eyes. Scout saw how blacks were mistreated and wrongly tried. The central park five were wrongly tried and wrongly put in jail for 6-12 years in prison. Later on after the five men were tried they were released they got money from the city of New
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