A Central Station Movie Analysis

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The movie review written by Roger Ebert he feels as though the story in "Central Station" by Walter Salles is not to be a heartwarming one, but a story based on a journey of two peoples reawakening. Also, he believes that the success of the money was not in the director Walter Salles ' favor, but the actress Fernanda Montenegro. She became one with her character and successfully played the role of an unsentimental person who later crosses over in to kinder person. Ebert feels the movie is not about the Josue and his struggle to find his father, but of Dora and her struggle to find herself.
Central Station is a movie about the documentation of a journey between a woman named Dora who is very unhappy in her life and writes letters for illiterate
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In transition of scenes the director included music and there was no connection of the music to the movie in the review. As well as though Ebert may know of the types of films the director rights he fails to tell the audience that the director specializes in documenting journeys so that way the audience can connect that back to the movie even though it was not based on a true story. Also, there was no discussion of how the relationship between Dora and Josue, he talks about how the relationship was in the beginning, but not throughout the…show more content…
The ending of the movie is not necessarily an ending, but the beginning of a new start mainly for Dora. Josue was a guide for her in a metaphoric way he opened parts of Dora, that she hadn 't opened for herself in a long time. With his presence she slowly began to realize things that are bigger than her. To say the least she began a transformation. The film all comes together, and the ending speaks volumes for itself and speaks the audience on its own. The movie showcases a process, journey, and a change in a woman. The soul searching od the movie is the moving part of the
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