Eddie Carbone In Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge

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What do you regard as the central theme in A View From The Bridge? Arthur miller explores the central theme of human weakness in A View From The Bridge. It revolves around Miller 's main character Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman living in the 1950 's in Brooklyn. His weakness causes tragedy, negative emotions to his family, and himself. Jealousy is a main factor affecting Eddie in different ways. Eddie can 't control his jealousy, so it leads to uncontrollable actions and use of words. At the beginning of the play, Eddie was seen as a caring and sometimes an overprotective guardian, at first when he questioned Catherine "Where you goin ' all dressed up", he commented on her clothes, because he was worried and protective. But as the play progresses the audience start sensing that he had inappropriate feelings towards Catherine, and suddenly, out of nowhere Rodolpho an immigrant from Italy, comes and takes her away from him, hence being jealous from Rodolpho. And Eddie keeps on stating facts about how Rodolpho looks "wacky hair", at this…show more content…
Eddie didn 't realize the rules of the law, that existed, due to Eddie crossing boundaries, and because of this, he thought he could do anything he wanted, but in reality he didn 't do what he really wanted, like getting rid of Marco and Rodolpho out of his life. However, he crossed the red line, when he told on Marco and Rodolpho to the Immigration Bureau, "Report something. Illegal immigration" and that just led to ruining his name and reputation. Not only that, but he was also unaware of what he was doing, when he kissed Rodolpho. And while doing all of these things he didn 't think about the consequences and circumstances he 's going to deal with, and sooner or later the whole neighborhood is going to know about what he did, and everyone knew that if you inform the Immigration Bureau on an immigrant, you 're expected to leave the
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