Centum Plywood Industries Case Study

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About the Company: Centum Ply Industries was set up by Mr. B.K Paul in late 1996. At that point of time, timber was the main source of making household furniture. Owing to high cost and environmental problems, sourcing of wood became difficult and a big demand-supply gap was created. It was at this point of time that Mr Paul embarked upon his journey to manufacture high quality plywood to cater to this latent demand in Kolkata and West Bengal. With technical expertise from Malaysia, he set up this plywood factory in Diamond Harbor Road, West Bengal. Fact Sheet: Name: Centum Plywood Industries (P) Ltd Address: Amtala, Diamond Harbor Road, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal Managing Director: Mr. B K Paul Year of Incorporation: 1996 Type of products: Plywood, Hardboard, Flush Doors, Speciality Furniture boards Manpower: nearly 170 Annual Turnover: Rs. 600 crores (approx) Raw Material: For general use the wood required are Neeli, Eucali, Red Cidar, Red Pine, Cher, Mango etc For decorative use the wood sourced are Rosewood, Teak, Mahogany, Silver Oak etc. Wood is generally sourced from Malaysia, Andamans, Assam and North East Production Process: The plywood manufacturing undergoes several steps as outlined below: Log Yard Cross Cutting Boiling Peeling Clipping Drying Edging Gluing  Assembling Pressing  Conditioning  Trimming  Sanding  Finishing Log Yard: This is a water body 500 m from the plant which stores the log for 2 months or more depending on the

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