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Science Expo Literature Review
Summary of article 1:
“Cerebral Palsy”- By Robert J. Doman Jr.
Cerebral palsy is used to describe most children with motor or mobility disorders. There are different terms that are related to cerebral palsy and a child’s function ability. Cerebral palsy is a term that applies to people whose main handicap is physical, as opposed to mental. Problems that occur are to do with their ability to gain mobility (e.g. crawling or walking) or use their hands (e.g. eating) or to even talk and communicate. In each group of cerebral palsy people the severity of the disability varies. Cerebral palsy can develop because of injury to the central nervous system before, during or after birth.
Spastic – most common form of cerebral
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Since 1996 there has been ongoing growth in the use of Lycra based splinting both in Great Britain and overseas. When Great Britain started the project there was a lack of available information of the use and benefit of the splinting.
In this article there are extracts that are related to the effects of splinting and how it affected different individuals. It explains how Lycra based splinting impacted parents or their children.
There were many different tests that were demonstrated to prove how Lycra based splinting helps. From this article we are able to say that Lycra based splinting is beneficial to both adults and children, with a different range of disabilities.
The positive part about this article is that it looks at all aspects of the lycra-based splinting. It looks at how to look at the effects of splints and how to see improvement as well as how to use the splints and how to look after them in terms of washing and drying. It even refers to how the weather affects the
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A study has been performed which looks at effects of the Lycra suit on children with athetosis, ataxia and spasticity. The results showed an improvement in posture and smoothness of movement.
Another study which also showed good posture improvement as well as good improvement in confidence in carrying out tasks.
This article doesn’t only focus on a full Lycra body suit but includes only limbs and people can help the parts of their body struggling the most. As there was another study that took place which focused specifically on the effects of Lycra on spasticity on the upper limbs. The study showed the benefits of wearing Lycra gloves. This study had a positive result in the upper limbs.
I like the fact that this article mentions body suits for adults. Even though they say that it would not work as effectively as for children it is still nice to know that not only disabled children are being concerned about but adults as well.
One of the negative things the article points out is the fact that Lycra body suits tend to be very expensive which means that many people living or caring for people with disabilities may not be able to afford this treatment. When I conduct my experiment I would like to make my Lycra suit less expensive so all kids or adults can have chance to improve their

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