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Cerebral Palsy is a series of neurological disorders that affect the brains ability to control movement of the muscles. The disorder has been documented throughout time in one form or another with the first known descriptions dating back to the philosopher Hippocrates. It seems to occur in approximately 2.1 percent of 1,000 births. Serious study began as early as 19th century. William Osler was the first to name it “Cerebral Palsy”. The symptoms are both minor and major. They can be as simple as poor coordination up to and including the inability to control muscle movement. Most common among those reported are stiffness of muscles, very weak muscles, troubles swallowing, and or speaking as well as minor and major tremors. Since the disease…show more content…
In addition to working on independent medical problems, those afflicted with Cerebral Palsy are learning alternative communication skills and life skills to help them live as self-sufficient as possible. Caretakers are a viable part of helping more patients of Cerebral Palsy that suffers greatly from the effects. They can be scheduled by the patient on an “as needed” basis. Technology plays a large part in helping with the lifelong treatment of Cerebral Palsy. Orthotic devices such as rolling walkers and communication aids such as computers with attached voice synthesizers lend aid in being able to successfully perform functions such as communication, benefit greatly by technological advances in medical equipment. The earlier the disease can be diagnoses the better chance the doctors have of helping the patient reprogram certain brain functions. This method of treatment has been reported with good results in children, under the age of eight, as their brains have not completely memorized certain skills and functions by this…show more content…
The unfortunate issue, in addition to the physical ailments, is that the lives of people typically can be shortened. Modern medicine is helping with the issue both through physical relief and improvements in lifestyles that make daily chores physically and mentally less demanding there-by allowing patients to feel more like productive members of society and less like a hindrance. The condition does not affect reproductive function so people with Cerebral Palsy can have children and parent successfully which significantly helps with living as normal a life as

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