Certainty In The Kite Runner

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In society today individuals face problems and setbacks in their lives, many strive to find a way to retrieve any lost honor and certainty that keeps their lives balanced. Honor is defined as “ a regard with great respect” can be understood in different aspects from individuals. Certainty, however, is a “ Firm conviction that something is the case”. Despite possibly knowing a method of a person’s preservation, actually being able to achieve this will be the greatest of them all. In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the author seeks a way to retrieve their lost honor and certainty. In the story, Amir loses his honor when he decides not to assist Hassan while he is being rapped by Assef. Amir continues to lose his faith in himself…show more content…
After Hassan had being raped by Assef and his friends, Amir had not seen him for weeks. He would do his chores and then go back to bed to sleep.Throughout time Amir couldn't look Hassan in the face without feeling guilty that he did not intervene. One day Hassan asked Amir if he would enjoy to take a hike up the hill, they did hike up the hill but Amir realized it had being a mistake and wanted to return home. Amir couldn't be around Hassan without getting headaches and feeling guilty. As Amir and Baba were in the garden Amir brought up a topic that Baba had never thought or wanted to, he asked “if he had ever thought about getting new servants?” Baba was in disgust when he heard those words come out of Amir’s mouth. This made Baba angry and also made Amir see that if he wanted Hassan kicked out of the house he would have to do it discreetly. As Amir’s birthday was coming up there was much planning to do so Hassan was kept busy. After the party Amir saw Hassan and Ali leave the residence so he decided to finally get Hassan to leave. He then planted the money and the watch Baba had gotten him for his birthday under the Haasan's bed. After Ali and Hassan returned Baba was asking Hassan if he had stolen this item from Amir he shook his head yes, this shows that Amir had lost his honor to his great friend Hassan. When Amir planted the items under the bed he lost his certainty by telling the lie that Hassan had stolen the
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