Certified Nurse Educator

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Introduction A Certified Nurse Educator is a registered nurse whose primary focus of expertise it the education of nursing students and of nurses in the clinical setting. In order to obtain the Certified Nurse Educator credential, an individual must have a nursing license and a Master’s of Science in Nursing. Nurse Educators are responsible for educating and preparing future generations of nurses who will have the responsibility of providing competent care to the community and its individuals. In order to achieve this goal, nurse must be competent. In addition, the nurse educator must have excellent communication skills, be creative, be flexible and possess excellent critical thinking skills. According to Clark et. Al. (2015), “In order to support changing roles and increased responsibilities, a Master’s qualification has been viewed as a tool for legitimacy of nursing as a professional occupation, strengthening the clinical credibility and confidence in a nurse” (pg. 332). Although there is limited evidence of the relationship between postgraduate study and improved patient outcomes, there is evidence that suggests that nurses who engage in postgraduate study are…show more content…
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