Ratio To Nursing Care Essay

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The number of Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA) to patients or residents is becoming a horrible problem. Patients do not get all the care they need or deserve because the certified nursing assistant ratio to patient is not what it should be. Certified nursing assistant jobs are not an exciting or even a job you would think about perusing, but it is an important job for people that can not take care of themselves like they should. Especially for people with dementia, ole timers, or any other illness. Only California, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, and Oregon have a law where you have only a certain number of patients to CNA’s for each shift. Making the law in every state would help increase the number of certified nursing assistant jobs as well as nursing jobs also help the care of the patient needs be met. However, in United states there is not a law that states how many…show more content…
“Those with the highest patient caseloads were more than twice as likely to experience job related burnout, and almost twice as likely to be dissatisfied with their jobs” (Patterson). With the new law it also opened a door to certified nursing assistances and nursing jobs to raise because they would have a better work load along with get to like their jobs like they should. The patient to nursing ratio also saw a tremendous raise in nursing assistant and nursing jobs because more people or stay. “According to Gurses and Carayon (2007) other factors, such as the physical environment and communication between staff, also affect patient outcomes” (Patterson). Making the work better and people could be around each other longer than ten minutes. “Nurses’ self-esteem has been boosted since fixed staffing ratios were introduced” (Paterson. People would come to work with a better attitude and get along better making the patient or resident happier and or like his surround sings
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