Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist Essay

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What is a Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist?
A Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist (CRCS) is a health care finance professional who obtained exclusive credentials through the American Association of Health Care Administrative Management (AAHAM).
AAHAM Certifications
The AAHAM is a national organization that provides certification exams, membership services and networking events for health care administrative professions. They offer a variety of certifications for health care revenue cycle specialists. For example, they offer a Certified Compliance Technician (CCT) certification for auditors and a Certified Revenue Integrity Professional (CRIP) for billing professionals. However, their Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist (CRCS) certification is the basic exam for entry-level health care revenue cycle professionals. The next level beyond this is the Certified Revenue Cycle Professional (CRCP), which is designed for supervisors.
The CRCS Exam Overview
The CRCS exam is meant for any health care staff who are involved with the revenue cycle. For example, this includes people who work in patient access, accounts, billing and finance.
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CRCS credentialed health care professionals will enjoy improved earning potential through access to lucrative internal promotions and career advancement opportunities in other organizations. Membership with the AAHAM will provide unique networking opportunities that will pave the way for potential employment opportunities. Thus, the CRCS holder will gain a competitive advantage against other employees. This is especially important because the health care industry is highly competitive because it is saturated with skilled professionals. The CRCS holder will gradually gain a reputation for competency and professionalism through continued expansion of their skills and

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