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In “Thanks to His Work Behind Plate, Cervelli is Pirates’ quiet MVP”, it talks about how Francisco Cervelli’s efforts behind the plate is helping the Pirates to a successful season. The article talks about many things Cervelli had to face in order to become such a big part of the Pirates success. It talks about the attitude he had, to make him such a great player. This article uses stats and facts in order to show the audience what a extraordinary player Cervelli is. The first thing that makes a successful catcher is being relaxed and quiet behind the plate. Cervelli was originally a third baseman, which gave him difficulties later behind the plate. To be a catcher you must be relaxed and focus behind the plate. Cervelli quickly learned…show more content…
He played under some of the best catchers in MLB history including, Ivan Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Jose Molina, Russell Martin, and Brian McCann. This is one reason he is such a great success now that he has a starting position. In an example form the article Francisco mentioned how Jorge was one of the hardest working on the team. Seeing Posada practice so hard drove Cervelli to practice his framing even more in his later seasons. No one excepted Cervelli to have such a big impact on the team. The Yankees spent $85 million on Brian McCann, and the Blue Jays spent $82 million to acquire Russell Martin. Francisco Cervelli was picked up by the Pirates just for a relief pitcher, and they are paying him just under $l million a season. He is getting underpaid considering that his saved runs is third in the league. Considering the MVP like numbers Cervelli is putting up, he was definitely a hidden gem for the Pirates. In summary this article is about a true underdog player for a true underdog team. Cervelli has worked hard in order to do what he is doing. This article proves it’s not easy being a MLB catcher, but Cervelli makes it look
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