Cervical Discectomy Research Paper

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Neurosurgeon Plano TX: Cervical Discectomy to Correct Neck Pain

A neurosurgeon Plano TX treats problems of the neck, or cervical spine. The cervical spine contains the spinal cord, which sends messages to the brain and controls your body movements.

Neurosurgeon Plano TX :What Happens When the Cervical Spine Degenerates

Damage to the cervical spine occurs when the gel-like discs between the vertebrae rupture or protrude, they put pressure on spinal nerves. The damage may be due to an injury or degeneration caused by the aging process. This may cause a stiff neck, tingling, numbness or pain. If physical therapy, corticosteroid injections and non-invasive treatments don’t work, patients with muscle spasms, radiating pain and numbness should consider a cervical discectomy.

Neurosurgeon Plano TX: What is a Cervical Discectomy?

A cervical discectomy
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The hospital stay is usually a day or two. After 3 or 4 weeks recover time, the patient can return to light activity, and be fully healed in 3 months. Physical therapy is needed to help the patient retain flexibility in the neck.

A cervical discectomy has several advantages over traditional spinal fusion. The patient will heal faster, achieving satisfactory neck motion sooner. The need for a bone graft is eliminated. This modern procedure offers increased motion and flexibility and solves most problems related to cervical spine disorder. Disc problems caused by tumors don’t respond to a cervical discectomy, but cervical issues resulting from injuries, congenital deformity or aging can be corrected.

There are several types of artificial cervical discs used during a cervical discectomy. They are surgically implanted in the cervical spine to facilitate motion of the neck. This alternative to spinal fusion surgery replaces the damaged spinal disc. Your neurosurgeon will choose the appropriate disc for your

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