Cesar Chavez: A Successful And Effective Leader

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What made Cesar Chavez a successful and effective leader? That a question that many might ask. Was it his self sacrifices that he did, or the method he used to work with and for the people, or was it his determination. This could have all played an important factor to Chavez’s success to gain better working conditions for the thousands of workers who labored on farms for low wages and under severe conditions.

Cesar chavez was born on his grandfather 's farm on March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona. His early life was hard because due to droughts and the Great Depression, Cesar’s family had to leave Arizona and move to California. During his first ten years in California his family had to move with the seasons picking crops, and by the time he dropped out of school in eighth grade he had attended thirty-six different schools.
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In 1962 Chavez created what was called the United Farm Workers of America or the UFW.

Cesar Chavez tried many methods that the others that failed didn’t do which was to sacrifice themselves. This a very effective tactic, in 1988 Cesar Chavez did a thirty-six day fast to raise awareness about the dangers of pesticides in the field. This was so bad that at one point he almost died due to the long fast. This brought awareness and many people began to take notice and participate for Cesar’s cause. Another method Cesar used to gain better working conditions for the thousands of workers was that that Cesar believed that the people working for the poor people should not have it better than those that were helping. This can be seen in Quill Driver Books, Remembering Cesar: The Legacy of Cesar Chavez which shows the working conditions of the people that

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