Cesar Chavez Accomplishments

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“¡Si se puede!” This was the rallying cry of the most influential farm laborers union of the late 20th century. A motto that inflicted hope and confidence in the tired farm workers in California and Arizona. This quote described Cesar Chavez’ life, from his childhood to death. Chavez was an important figure in American History because he improved the lives of farm workers, the reason we have food on our table. Chavez helped Latinos in general gain civil rights and respect. He also tore down barriers of segregation by bringing people of all backgrounds together, united in one cause. He showed us that, with hard work, yes, you can. Cesar Estrada Chavez was born in Yuma, Arizona on March 1st, 1927. He was born to two Mexican parents, Librado and Juana Chavez. He lived on his grandfather’s farm in Arizona for 10 years until the Great Depression struck them hard after a drought that …show more content…

As he worked as a migrant laborer, he was inspired by the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian Independence Movement and Martin Luther King JR., who was leading his own Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. Their non-violent methods helped Chavez form his own organization later. Instead of becoming angry and bitter due to all the injustices against him, he took out that anger peacefully in strikes and marches. He joined a farm workers union called the ¨National Workers Agricultural Union but dropped out. He then joined the Community Service Organizations, where he became the director of. They focused on Latino voting rights. immigration, and police abuse. When the organization said no to a formation of a union, Cesar resigned and went off to form his own union. He founded the National Farm Workers Association with Dolores Huerta, his sister-in-law. Leading many strikes against exploitative agribusinesses, boycotts, marches for improvements for laborers

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