Cesar Chavez Characteristics

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Cesar Chavez was a profoundly excellent leader that changed the lives of thousands of immigrant labor workers. Labor Unions have been a fundamental part of the lives of labor workers all throughout history and in these groups the marginalized people experienced exploitation and discrimination. The businesses increased their profits by over working and not providing basic labor rights to the workers such as hygiene. Chavez empathized with the workers since he experienced the hardships of being overworked and not being paid fairly. For this he stayed committed to society and took many actions against the injustices. He believed in better working conditions for the farmworkers which led him to start huge protests to get to his goal. In order to better the lives of these immigrant people Chavez displayed bravery to do what no else had the courage to do, to help others, and for that reason he displayed exceptional leader characteristics. He wasn’t afraid to stand by his views and throughout his fight for civil rights he displayed vision, concern and courage, which later led to a better future for the farmworkers. Chavez displayed the characteristics of a great leader as he exhibited vision in many instances. As stated in Scott…show more content…
He demonstrated that he was a capable leader and at the end accomplished his goal of helping the farmworkers achieve better lives and a better future for themselves and their families. He did it by using the vision that he had, the concern for the farmworkers and courage to keep going to guide him in his battle. In many instances he was able to give up but he continued to strive for his goal and proved that all it takes is the audacity to stand up for what is right. He caused major changes in society that affect society up until today which is why he is an important historic figure that will always be
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