Cesar Chavez's Participation In Civil Rights

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Civil rights are something that is given, no matter the race, color or class. Most people take civil rights for granted and don’t think about the hard work it took to get to where we are today. There are some people, however, who always fought for their rights and for equal protection. Cesar Chavez was the influential and hard working civil rights leaders, and it’s because of him that there are civil rights today.

Cesar Chavez had many events and influential people in his life that promoted his participation in civil rights. Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, in Yuma, Arizona. When Chavez was young, he and his family lost their farm during the Great Depression. The family moved to California to labor as migrant farm workers. Chavez
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He went knocking on doors in poor neighborhoods, trying to persuade Mexicans, American to regard for a U. S. Citizenships and to vote. In the beginning, Chavez was apprehensive and his arguments were crummy, but as he went on he, became very good at public speaking and less nervous. Then, Chavez joined the Community Service Organization. He quickly rose in the ranks. Then, he started to talk to hundreds of people, to try to persuade to stand together and that change is possible. When Chavez found out that Growers were hiring illegal workers, he and his workers held up signs in town. Chavez then told the governor what the Grape Growers are going and, he made the Growers hire local workers. His plan worked, they won their first fight. Chavez soon left the Community Service Organization. He went on to found the National Farm Workers Associations in 1962. His union soon then joined with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee in their first strike, and also boycott against 48 grape grower farms, in California. He also, then organized a walk that was 350 miles long to San Francisco to talk to the governor. The walk was a success, they won the strike and boycott. Grape growers signed their first union contracts, granting workers better pay and protections. Cesar Chavez did use many methods to create social…show more content…
Chavez was an inspirational speaker and that is why there is also more Mexican Americans register to vote. Chavez organized many marches and boycotts to help farm workers. He also started strikes and boycotts against the Grape Farms and won. He affected the progress of civil rights so much that there was a funeral for him. It was the largest funeral of any labor leader in the history of the United States. More than 50,000 people came to honor him. “They came in caravans from Florida to California to pay respect to a man whose strength was in his simplicity.” (Sollink, Article “The last march with Cesar Chavez” paragraph 2). Cesar Chavez really did affect the progress of civil rights.

In summary, Cesar Chavez took a big part of why we have civil rights today. He help so many farmers and Mexicans, Americans. He started boycotting and strikes. He also never gave up until the farmer workers had better working conditions, and more pay. Chavez improved the lives of farm workers and Mexican, Americans. Thus, Cesar Chavez is one of the many reasons why we have equal rights today.

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