Cesar Chavez Civil Rights

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Civil rights are something that is given, no matter the race, color or class. Most people take civil rights for granted and don’t think about the hard work it took to get to where we are today. There are some people, however, who always fought for their rights and for equal protection. Cesar Chavez was the influential and hard working civil rights leaders, and it’s because of him that there are civil rights today.

Cesar Chavez had many events and influential people in his life that promoted his participation in civil rights. Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, in Yuma, Arizona. When Chavez was young, he and his family lost their farm during the Great Depression. The family moved to California to labor as migrant farm workers. Chavez left school in the 8th grade because he was being teased about being a Mexican American. He then went to work in the work field full time. There Chavez endured grueling work, small wages, racism, and dangerous working conditions. Chavez’s bosses could pay him anything they wanted to. Sometimes Chavez’s family only earned pennies a day. The Chavez family had very little food most nights. Many nights, they went to bed starving. Many workers couldn 't afford healthcare, so many got sick and badly hurt on the job; which caused them to be fired. Nevertheless, Chavez never gave up and kept hoping; one day Cesar Chavez met a man named Father Donald McDonnel. McDonnel was very nice to Chavez, he read to Chavez about the lives of saints, freedom
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