Cesar Chavez Influence On Society

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Inspire “The end of all knowledge should be service to others”, says Cesar Chavez (brainyquote.com). Though some activists’ live lives of undoubted suffering, or at least sacrifice, their work makes a difference and inspires many to follow; as a result, it creates hope for those facing similar problems. Boyan Slat, Hadi Partovi, and Cesar Chavez are examples of this characteristic, and, because of their actions, others stand with them, protest with them; sometimes even overturning unjust laws, allowing an ideal society to be created in the eyes of all citizens. Passionate people stand out, and 22 year old Boyan Slat from the Netherlands certainly started out with a powerful concept: The ability to clean up the oceans (theoceancleanup.com). Through his ingenious idea, (his specially designed nets) he has brought in many co-workers and partners who follow him to stand up against trash in the oceans (theoceancleanup.com). Microsoft, a well known corporation, has sponsored his start up organization, and this goes to credit how much others put hope in him; even those who are more successful (theoceancleanup.com). He also …show more content…

His work is generally not given enough credit compared to his impact on the world and farmers like him. His actions helped workers like him live a better life. Because his family was poor, their values and possessions mainly consisted of each other and religion. As a Christian, Cesar Chavez focused mainly on giving: as a kid, he drove neighbors to the hospital when needed, and, when offered money for the drive, would refuse the generous payment; he knew his mother would never agree with this. Cesar Chavez believed in giving to others, without expecting anything in return: “You are never strong enough that you don 't need help,” said Cesar Chavez (brainyquote.com). This quote shows his humility and how he felt like he needed to help everyone around him. Cesar’s work has undeniably helped workers like

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